We understand what the digital world needs from real world real estate; we know where they intersect and where they thrive.

Finding undervalued properties in the right locations.

The core of our retail real estate development strategy is we invest in regionally dominant locations whose dominance will endure.

We find these locations by using better data, in better ways.

Our proprietary system utilizes technology to combine intra-property data along with external data to discover the DNA of a property. By understanding the DNA, we can optimize real estate against an evolving landscape of traditional and non-traditional data sets:

Traditional data, from our own sources, and providers such as Placer.ai, gives us insight into current performance (state and national rankings, traffic patterns, sales, etc.)

Non-traditional data harnessed from disparate data sources and proprietary machine learning algorithms give us the unique ability to predict future dominance.

Leveraging our years of experience to improve undervalued assets

If you are building something for the future, you’d better be sure it is going to be there when the future arrives.

When we invest in an undervalued asset, we optimize it for the short-and medium-term, while we prepare it for the future.

We do this by:

Leaning on our vast experience as operators to execute the small changes that make a big difference to our tenants’ sales.

Actively merchandising our centers to ensure companies are ideally situated within the broader ecosystem, maximizing rent potential.

Attending to the often-overlooked little details that optimize the management and operations of each asset.

Understanding the future of real estate

We have a clear vision of the future of real estate and ensure all our Mission Critical Centers are perfectly positioned to surpass the expectations of global companies and modern consumers.

Investing in future-proofed infrastructure ensures our centers satisfy the omnichannel needs of consumers, with particular attention paid to access, optimizing curbside pickup, fulfillment and returns.

Creating and activating green spaces, collecting rainwater and installing electric vehicle chargers aligns our centers with consumers’ increasing demands for sustainability.

Renovating properties to add the greater functionality required by global companies and consumers.

A clear exit strategy

If the key to achieving a good exit is proper planning, the lock is owning what investors want.

We create several viable paths to exit, always working to ensure we receive the best multiple of invested capital and the best rate of return.

By acquiring undervalued assets in premium locations, and optimizing them for the future, we are creating a highly attractive portfolio of yield-bearing assets.

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