The future of real estate

is being defined by the modern consumer’s demand for convenience.

Convenience is everything

Consumers are demanding the flexibility to procure goods and services how they want, when they want.

From initial purchases right through returns, they are demanding a frictionless experience across all available “channels”: online, social and in-person.

Consumers are demanding an omnichannel experience

  • Click & Collect / BOPIS
  • Ship from Store / BOSFS
  • Ship to Store
  • Reserve in Store
  • Return to Store
  • Online Stock Availability

The rules of the game have changed forever

As consumers dissolve the distinction between digital and in-person, companies are being forced to do the same.

“Online-only” companies are opening physical stores.

Bricks and mortar companies
are investing heavily in digital era and data analytics
– and they are rethinking the services their physical presence will provide.

In the fourth industrial revolution, it doesn’t matter which side you come from – the demands of the consumer are the same.

The successful companies of the very near future will be those that are able to combine the best parts of digital and in-person convenience.

In-person Benefits

  • Brand awareness and loyalty
  • Lower cost of fulfillment
  • Fewer returns
  • Higher conversion rates

Omnichannel Mission Critical Centers

Online Benefits

  • Customer Intelligence
  • Faster Growth
  • Lower Cost

What does this mean for real estate investors and operators

Successful real estate will empower their tenants to combine the functions of showroom, fulfillment center, helpdesk and marketing hub.

And they must occupy hyper-convenient locations on the doorsteps of consumers. Only then will they be able to offer the easy-access, frictionless experiences that consumers demand.

  • Click and Collect
  • In-store Returns
  • Showroom and Advice
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Distribution and Fulfillment
  • Interactive Experiences
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